• A perfect dream home is everyone’’’s desire. It’s a place where one sees all kinds of comfort, warmth, safety and security for oneself and their family members. However, what makes a house a perfect dream home is the way one maintains and upkeeps the same. Traditionally wood was the most
  • The major thrust at the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference, commonly referred to as the COP27, at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt from 6 November until 18 November 2022 was to address the issues and concerns of environmental degradation. And one of the key goals was to strengthen emission pledges
  • The world is moving through the 3rd decade of the 21st century and is commanding fast-paced growth and development in almost all sectors. And in the process, it has inflicted some irreparable loss to the sustainability of the environment and global climatic conditions. Human development is heavily dependent on natural
  • The Pathframe’s Wood Polymer Composites (WPCs) hollow frames and pre-hung total door solutions perfectly fit into some of the goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (in effect since 2017), which is actually a blueprint for a more sustainable future for one and all. If we pay close attention
  • We have already discussed many key aspects associated with the Wood Polymer Composites (WPC) in this segment earlier in great detail. Be its Places best suited for WPC frames, the global position of WPC market and what to choose between WPC and PVC, to name a few. Those articles can
  • WPC Solution
    ‘Make and deliver a WPC solution that your clients never call you for the after-sale services’ With little under three years of its inception and after delivering more than 22 satisfied real estates, healthcare and academia clients — comprised of public as well as private sectors – Pathframe not only
  • wpc door frame
    WPC products has problem free self-life over 25 years ‘Aestheconomic product in a true sense considering all the aspects’  The statement, mentioned above, by one of our esteemed clients beautifully, sums up the aesthetical aspects and effectiveness of the cost factors involved. The word ‘Aestheconomic’ rightly outlines how the beauty
  • Recent studies outline WPC’s annual growth of 12%; the market share was $2,551 million in 2016 and set to reach $6,584 million by 2023 -By Staff Writer The phrase, ‘Every Home Tells A Story’, emphasizes the fact that no home is the same and every homeowner wishes to evoke the
  • “Aestheconomic product in true sense considering all the aspects” The opening statement endorsed by one of the key PathFrame clients, operating out of Ahmedabad, aptly sums up the true value and aesthetic appeal that comes naturally with the Wood Polymer Composites (WPC) door frames and door solutions. It’s not just

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