Distinguishing features of WPC Door frames

There are some factors due to which you should consider installing WPC Door Frames instead of other frames.

Frames are used to support doors and increases its longevity. There are many different materials of Door Frames but WPC Door Frames are the new generation frames. So, it also provides the solution to the problems of new generation and Pathframe is providing exceptional quality in all the WPC Products.

The WPC Products are primarily synthetic thermoplastic resins and wood flour/fillers. These products have developed over 40 years ago and by increasing years the popularity, necessity and usage has increased consistently.

WPC Door Frames are gaining prominence due to its distinguishing features. Following are some of them:

  1. Quick & Easy installation
  2. Capacity for holding screw
  3. Cost effective, low maintenance and long lasting.
  4. Variety in sizes and colors.

1. Quick & Easy Installation: Everybody are always inclined towards traditional wooden doors and frames. Teak wood is also favorite of many but, what lacks in them? Why WPC Door Frames are better to use and more appealing compared to traditional wooden frames?

Wooden door frames are made from cutting piece of wood and it’s a tiring process. WPC Door frames are customized products so the issue of cutting will be avoided. WPC products are made by composition of thermoplastic and wooden filler/flours so they are light weight as compared to wooden door frames which makes them easy to install.

Also, if anyone wants something new like incorporating designs in their frames too then it will be easy in WPC Door frames as they are not as heavy as wooden door frames so cutting and carving them will be difficult.

2. Holding capacity for screw: Now, as WPC Door frames are lighter including all other WPC by-products. So, the question will definitely arise that how it will have the more capacity for holding screwsthan wooden door frames?

WPC products are made of chemical components and the capacity of screw holding increases because whenever the screw gets loosen you can add a little solvent to tighten the grip of the screw. This is not possible in wooden door frames, as once there is a hole you cannot do anything to resize it!

3. Cost effective, low maintenance and long lasting: The domineering factor for invention of Wood Plastic Composite product is the unavailability for the materials which are corrosion free, avoid the problem of molding and to not worry about pests.No matter how expensive your Door Frame is, if it will get corroded early or get decayed then what is the reason for installing such expensive wooden or other material door frames in the first place?

Pathframe has by providing WPC Door Frames is trying to provide a cost-effective product with very low maintenance and longevity. WPC Door frames are made with the composite of thermoplastic which makes them corrosion free and also protects it from molding. While protecting the doors WPC Door frames will protect your structures too.

By less corrosion the problem of pests will also decrease which will extend the life of the Door frames and in result the cost of repairing and re-installing will be avoided once and for all time’s sake.

These customized WPC Door frames are free of corrosion and molding in result of which very low maintenance is required. Otherwise, mostly after every season a requirement for repairing will surely arise.

4. Variety in sizes and colors: Pathframe provides many customized options for choosing your correct Door frame for your house, offices and any other structures.

Following are the sizes for WPC Door Frames:

Frame Architrave
100 x 45mm (Single rebate) 45 x 18mm (Front) and 30 x 12mm (Rear)
90 x 38mm (Single rebate) 45 x 18mm (Front) and 30 x 12mm (Rear)
150 x 45mm (Double rebate) 45 x 18mm (Front) and 30 x 12mm (Rear)

And for all these sizes there are three endearing finishesof WPC Door Frames:

  • Paint Finishes Door


  • PVC film Wrapping

    PVC film Wrapping

  • Polish


So, by installing cost effective and long-lasting door frames you can have the benefit of the aesthetic finish by the designs made available byPathframe WPC Door Frames.

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