Top 5 Reasons for WPC Product demand in Monsoon and humidity

WPC: New Age Material, a product class which is growing tremendously in buildings and construction industries and has witnessed an increased market regardless of the economy of the time. A Surging demand in terms of quality of living standard resulted into the innovation of such Composite products which gives benefit of both wood and plastic. Nowadays, there is a new trend for using products which are ingenious and that is why there is continuous increase in the demand of using WPC products for construction of buildings, offices and many of the other structures.

These are some of the concerns which are faced by installing traditional wooden doors and especially which are faced in monsoon:

  1. Climatic Instability (Uncertain rain)
  2. Electricity Dysfunction leads to fire emergencies.
  3. Increasing termites leading to an unhygienic atmosphere at your place.
  4. Recurring Repairing.
  5. Swelling and Diminution.

1. Climatic Instability: Climate has become unstable for many decades and the situation is getting worse by time. Uncertain rain is one of the main outcomes of climatic instability. This causes many issues simply in day-to-day routine. Atmosphere remains humid for more than expected time period and all the wooden equipment at your place starts getting damaged. Other equipment made of iron and steel also gets rusted due to the humid atmosphere. That’s why a need for an alternative universal solution for all kinds of equipment arises. Path Frame’s WPC Door and Door frames are “able to be stable” through all the climatic instability. These are made of wood and plastic composite due to the properties of plastic components present in these products, the problem of rusting and damaging of doors are solved, the wear and tear of these Wood Plastic Composite products is immensely reduced compared to other wooden doors.

2. Electricity Dysfunction leads to Fire Emergencies: When the current supply gets interrupted high voltages are passed on and due to which insulators like switches, regulators, holders, etc get damaged resulting in the fire. This fire catches floors, windows and doors passing from one space to another and which turns the whole building into flames. WPC Products have one special product that FR WPC Door and Door frames which can act as resistance for up to 120 minutes. This won’t let the fire spread everywhere in the building and due to that enough time is generated for preventive actions. FR Wood Plastic Composite Doors and Door Frames are present in different variations depending on the time it will hold the fire: 30,60,90 and 120 minutes.

According to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Report: “Fire departments responded to an estimated average of 46,700 home fires involving electrical failure or malfunction each year in 2015-2019.”

By years passing, the problem remains unchanged as usage of electrical devices is going to increase, it’s never going to decrease. That’s why WPC Products are a reasonable solution for protection of your life and life of your places too.

3. Increasing termites leading to unhygienic atmosphere at your place: The second step or the stage after more than expected humidity present in the atmosphere is the time for arrival of termites! These small insects can do very prominent damages to your places. According to the article from The Free Library: “Every year, termites cause about $40 billion in damage globally and destroy parts of more than 600,000 homes in the United States alone.”

They feed on the decayed material of plants and especially rotted wood of doors and windows of your place. It’s a treat for them!

Our traditional doors are damaged firstly due to the constant and uncertain amount of humidity which results in damaged doors and there rises the problem of termites, they are a very common problem around the world. To avoid this, WPC Doors and Frames are the perfect repellent for these tiny wood eaters. It is possible due to the component of thermoplastic present along with wood which will shield your doors from these wood carving termites. “Termites cause $40 billion in damage globally per year.” (The Free Library Article)

4. Recurring Repairing: We all get frustrated due to uninvited rains throughout the day. Our schedules get disrupted and we are not able to meet our deadlines easily. Amidst all this chaos, if your door locks won’t work and it starts making squeaky irritating sounds while opening and closing it, won’t it pour some fuel to your frustration? Not only this, calling carpenters and technicians now and then for repairing in your busy schedule is also very tiresome. Why not some long-term solution to put aside a little stress from your shoulders? WPC Doors and Door frames won’t easily get affected by unstable weather. So, by installing Path Frame’s WPC Products you won’t have to worry for a long time. All the hustle and bustle will be put to rest for long-time.

5. Swelling and Diminution: High humidity levels are the food for woods! The wooden equipment will absorb moisture and in result it will create a puss like protuberance on the surface of the doors. It decreases the life of the doors. After the time passes, when the humidity decreases the water absorbed by the wooden doors will lose all of it, even all the necessary moisture for the quality of wood is also lost. This swelling and diminution results in decrease in durability of Doors which leads to constant investment in installing new doors for your place. WPC Doors and Frames are available with minimum expansion and contraction which leads to the extended durability compared to other non-composite products.

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