WPC Hollow Frames not just any frame, it’s Future of Frames

PathFrame – a indigenous pioneer in Wood Plastic Composites (WPCs) -based hollow frames for door and pre-hung door solutions company – is an original manufacturer from the UNESCO World Heritage City of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The innovative company is setting the trend in the WPC market with its uniquely engineered hollow frames solutions shaped and casted out of the ultra-modern and cutting-edge technologies from best of both worlds – Indian and European. The PathFrame hollow frame solutions are framing paths for future ready personal and professional spaces aka homes and offices!

The PathFrame’s ‘WPC frames are not just any frame, it’s Future of Frames’ with enhanced agility, better strength, extended life and lighter in weight offering more strength over the traditional door frames.


The WPC hollow frames and pre-hung doors easily outclass the traditional wooden frames and doors as later has limited lifespan and it cannot be recycled readily. The short lifespan of traditional wooden frames and doors are due to various factors, like extreme weather conditions and susceptibility to water degrading the strength and durability of the wooden products, Moreover, the issues of termite further deteriorate the self-life of the wooden products. And, therefore, the wooden frame and door solutions are not highly suitable for the external installations. Besides, wooden frames and doors are not suitable for interior solutions like bathrooms due to regular exposure to water leading to dampness and termite issue However, when it comes to the solid WPC door frames and door solutions then it is highly prone to the issues like bending, warping and cracking due to various environmental factors like extreme heat and cold conditions.

However, WPC hollow frames and pre-hung door solutions are completely free from such issues. And once it’s installed you don’t need to look back and probably you never have to scratch your mind for any kind of post installations maintenance as long as the it is there.

Fire Rating:

The WPC hollow frames and pre-hung door solutions from PathFrame are not only best in its class with V-0 fire rating for all products. The rating V-0 (as per the standard for safety of flammability of plastic materials standard released by Underwriters Laboratories of the United States) burning stops within 10 seconds on a vertical specimen; drips of particles allowed as long as they are not inflamed. In layman terms it can be said that in incident of fire, the burning will stop within 10 second. Which is like giving a kind of assurance that no harm will come people in the proximity of the fire and also it would not spread further as the fire will stop in quick time of 10 seconds.

According to an overview on fire safety in India1, “No comprehensive data is available in India on the economic losses suffered on account of fires. However, according to one estimate the major losses reported by the Indian Insurance Companies in the year 2007-2008 indicate, that about 45% of the claims are due to fire losses. According to another estimate about Rs 1,000 crores are lost every year due to fire. Fire losses are reported both in industrial and non-industrial premises like hospitals, commercial complexes, educational institutions, assembly halls, hotels, residential buildings, etc… According to Fire Risk Survey (FRS) 2013, carried out by Pinkerton & Federation of Indian Chambers and Industry, in India, fire accounted for 8.45% of the overall ranking of risks. FRS also revealed that fires has been rated as the 5th highest risk in industry in 2013.”

Going by the FRS report, 45% insurance claims are due to fire. Besides, fire also being the highest rated (5th) risk element in India by 2013, as per the FRS report. This clearly makes WPC hollow frames and pre-hung doors are the future of frames and door solutions. And the PathFrame is a pioneer and a leader in the segment with V-0 fire rating for all its WPC products.


The WPC hollow frames are strengthened by the robust matrix structure inside making it highly customizable as per the needs, requirements and to the precise specifications of the order received. Moreover, the waste generation is at the minimal as the hollow frames and pre-hung door solutions are casted and moulded as per the specifications. And according the required amount of WPC raw materials are fed into the machine, which boasts of cutting-edge Indian and European technology to roll out best of finished products every single time.

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However, when it comes to customization to the wooden products, it is always given as the natural occurring woods have to be cut and shaped into the designed design after a considerable number of laborious manhours along with a lot of wood waste generation in the course of production. On top of that, the wooden solutions are always heavier which needs more time and effort to deliver to the final installation site. The installation again is time consuming and tedious process as the last-minute fine tuning are done while it is being installed.

However, WPC hollow frames and pre-hung door solutions are designed using the computer added advanced designating applications to the exact specification extracted from the installation site. And the final products are delivered, with all its peripherals as one unit, as various parts of the jigsaw pieces clearly marked and installed in quickest possible time like an expert putting all pieces together in a jigsaw. Moreover, it does not invite any last-minute adjustment or fine tuning unlike similar wooden products.

Virgin Polymers:

In general, the WPC market is flooded with range of products, however, the majority of market forces are utilising raw materials which are made out using non-virgin polymers in order to match the cost. However, this often results in making the final products heavier resulting in inviting all the issues and problems associated with any heavier products, just like the wood. However, the PathFrame’s WPC hollow frames and pre-hung door solutions are always made out of the 100% virgin plastic granule, resulting in final products being not only lighter but also reinforced with higher strength and structural stability. The quality of raw material makes sure the longevity of the final products, assuring the clients never have to the call back again for any problem or issue.

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Since the inception of PathFrame in later part of year 2019, the WPC hollow frame pioneer has served a host of satisfied clients from private to public sector and from corporate healthcare to academic sector. However, the Ahmedabad-based company has never received any complaints and issue about the WPC products and services rendered. And the very fact of 100 per cent client satisfaction, is the USP of the WPC pioneer which keeps PathFrame upbeat about its product and re-emphasizes its commitment to maintain the highest quality for every single future product and service.

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