What is in the Doorframe Pathframe? Find yourself

What’s in the frame PathFrame?

When Willian Shakespeare used the phrase ‘what’s in a name? in one of his most revered literary works (Romeo and Juliet), he had little idea that it will become one of the most sought-after catch phrases. And whether one realises it or not, it has got proper significance and in fact name does really matter. So, what is it in the frame PathFrame? PathFrame with its uniquely engineered Hollow Frames along with complete pre-hung door solutions are framing paths for future ready personal and professional spaces aka homes and offices! Well, PathFrame is one of the indigenous Wood-Plastic Composites-based (WPCs) door frame pioneers serving individuals and industry alike.

However, one natural question is what is so special about the PathFrame door frames?

The speciality of the PathFrame door frames come from the fact that it is perhaps the only original manufacture in India which has employed the innovative technologies which make it more agile with better strength and durability having hollow core. These Hollow Frames are lighter in weight and also punch a lot more strength over its wood and plastic peers available in the marketplace.

Moreover, it serves the customised complete frame and door solutions on par with the best of industry standards and confirms the best of quality standards as certified by the testing lab authorised by the government. PathFrame is giving a complete solution to its clients from inception to installation with 100 per cent customised services. Be it visiting the site and taking all the important measurements in consolations with the valued customers, designing and developing the products as per the specification provided, delivering products at the site and finishing a neat and tidy installation.

Install upto 30 Doors Frames in a day:

It has been observed that traditionally a team of two people can install a maximum of 10-12 wooden frames, however, PathFrame’s ever-improving skilled workforce of two people can easily install 25-30 hollow frames at any ongoing project. This gives PathFrame the edge over its peers when it comes to serving the market. One can easily question, how is this possible? The solution lies in the way PathFrame finishes all its hollow frame solution at its manufacturing unit with each individual frame packed and supplied with all its parts just like a jigsaw puzzle. And, therefore, the especially trained and skilled work force install these hollow frames as solving the puzzle like a master, before giving a finishing touch.

Future belongs to WPC:

According to a leading market research firm Mordor intelligence the global WPCs market is likely to register a robust expected Compound Average Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5 per cent on a year-on-year basis in the forecast period of 2022 to 2027. The major segment of WPCs market will be the Building & Construction sectors. However, amid the growing concerns on technical issues such as temperature sensitivity, wearability issues, etc. may likely hinder the market growth. However, the recycled plastics are expected to provide a major growth opportunity.

Green Solution:

Realising the industry estimate and thrust of the government to give green infrastructure development a boost, PathFrame is working on the mission mode to develop the green and highly fire-resistant frames solutions so as to align with the government vision of setting up high rise societies and infrastructures with environment friendly green materials. The complete frame and pre-hung door solution company’s research and development wing is already working on to develop the green and fire-resistant material which will go a long way in serving the people, society and environment in the best possible manner.

Another market study by Allied Market Research the global WPCs market is most likely to register a CAGR in excess of 12 per cent (12.6 per cent to be precise) and of which was valued at $2,551 million in 2016 is likely to hit at $6,584 million by 2023, registering a CAGR of 12.6 per cent from 2017 to 2023.

PathFrame’s Vision:

The industry estimates and growth prospect of the WPC market in the near future is perfectly aligned with the growth trajectory PathFrame has outlined for itself. Be it developing WPC products and solutions which is 100 per cent wood replacement in frames and door solutions.

“We are a complete indigenous developed WPC hollow frame and pre-hung door solution facilitating company. We are working on developing green WPC materials which are not only highly fire resistant but also serve the government’s vision and fast paced market requirement at the same time,” said Achal Shah, Director, PathFrame Industries.

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