WPC: A better alternative to Woods

PathFrame has executed the work maintaining the best quality standards. I must say it is one of the best products for frames and doors that we have ever come across. Waiting to do a lot of work together and an association for many more years to come.

Kaushal Shah (Director, Zircon Infrastructure)

The testimony exemplifies what PathFrame delivers to its valued clients every time a project is undertaken. A product and/or service provider can make all the towering claims, whereas if the same comes from the satisfied clients, it speaks volumes about the quality delivered and commitment honored. It further testifies the PathFrame’s motto i.e., ‘deliver a solution that your clients never call you back for after-sale service’.

PathFrame has been earning this distinction of honouring the 100 percent client satisfaction every single time. Based out of Ahmedabad – UNESCO World Heritage City – and barely having three years of serving the Wood Polymer Composites (WPC) industry, PathFrame has earned a niche market for itself by virtue of trust and belief.

The Clientele:

In the short span of 3 years, the PathFrame’s has successfully been delivered fully-customised WPC hollow frame and pre-hung door solutions to at least 12 clients belonging to private as well as public sectors spread from real estate premium housing development segments to the healthcare sector and to academic infrastructure installations. The successfully installed projects — Swati Parkside, Akash Homes, Orchid Exotica, Skydeck Privé, Monte 9, K B Royal Serenity, Kiara Opulent, Zricon Classic, Sankalp Grace 3, Aaryabhumi, Swati Crimson, Aarambh, Estella, Spectra, Riviera Woods and Orchid Legacy — are from the private sector reality sector. Moreover, the Roads and Building Department (Gujarat Government), Anant University, and Indus Hospital are some of the other important esteemed entities PathFrame has successfully installed the WPC hollow frames as well pre-hung doors to their satisfaction.

The amazing list of clienteles in the span of last three years, of which two years were completely marred by the global Covid-19 pandemic impacting every sector with real estate and business segments suffering the most.

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Quality and Standard:

The statement ‘PathFrame has executed the work maintaining the best quality standards … ’ by Zircon Infrastructure Director Kaushal Shah does not only augment PathFrame’s high standard quality assurance. But also re-emphasises the Ahmedabad-based company’s being one of the potent forces in the sector when it comes to deliver WPC hollow frame solutions and pre-hung door solutions.

PathFrame’s ability to deliver quality is based on sound work ethics, effective utilization of manpower, proper resource mobilization, and rationalization of costs involved, and hassle-free delivery and installations of WPC hollow frames and pre-hung doors. The quality is often facing the challenge of time as it dwindles with the passage of time, however, the PathFrame’s reputation in maintaining the quality is unmatched. And the same is ensured by using the premium raw materials available (wood fibre and virgin polymer granules) bound together by state-of-art-technology enabled high-end fabrication machines of international standard. The raw materials for the WPC hollow frames fabrication are tested in in-house testing whose quality and standard are approved by the highest government authorising agency. And this gives the PathFrame’s products self-life of manifold than a standard WPC frames available in the market. And so far, PathFrame has this distinction of not receiving any call for service after successfully installing the WPC hollow frames and pre-hung door solutions to a range of clients from private to public sector and from reality, academic to healthcare sectors.

Nature- and People-friendly solutions:

WPC hollow frame and pre-hung doors are best suited not only for the longer life but also well placed to be future ready solutions which are environment as well as people friendly. And PathFrames’ commitment to deliver products and services which are not only friendly to our ever-endangered environment but also viable and proper alternatives to wood-based products. And in the process, PathFrame is ensuring the preservation of nature and empowering the people also to lend their hands in saving nature by choosing these WPC products at their personal and professional spaces.

Besides, WPC products are pocket friendly — as unlike wood which involves a lot of cost in maintenance and care on the account of termite, susceptible to water degrading the strength and overall quality, heat and moisture causing bending and damage, etc – as it does not involve expanses on such maintenance and susceptibility. Moreover, unlike woods, the WPC frame and door solutions can be recycled depending on either need or requirement or as and when you want. And all these are done under the watchful eyes of workmanship of WPC experts delivering satisfied clients every now and then.

Future belongs to WPC:

Two of the recent international researches on WPC products have put Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in over 5 per cent range till 2026. However, it has to be kept in mind that the year 2021 as the base year, which witnessed its worst global health pandemic impacting many a global economy, for study. Looking at things from that perspective, in near future WPC is likely to clock more aggressive growth riding on the widespread acceptance of its use over traditional wood dependency and practical applications primarily in reality and automobile sectors.

And PathFrame is all set to ride the future course of action with the confidence of:

  • Successfully delivering a host of clients and the clientele is growing at a reasonable pace
  • Being a pioneer in the domain with the best of modern machines, skilled and ever-improving manpower
  • Having in-house testing lab delivering the best of products every time
  • Using virgin polymer granules in al lit products ensuring long life
  • Developing eco-friendly, fire-standard, and damage-free WPC hollow frames
  • Fully customized WPC frame and pre-hung door solution
  • Last but not the least, never received any complaint post-installation in the last three years from valued clients spread over the public as well as private sectors

More blogs to follow, be there.

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