Places Best Suited for WPC Hollow Frames

Door frames and doors are one of the invaluable assets to a perfect personal or personal immovable asset. Be it home or office, door frames and doors are the first thing to notice before passing through it. These door frames and doors are not just there but it adds a personality to your property, be it personal family spaces (home, weekend home, farmhouse, etc.) or professional spaces (office, hotel, restaurant, etc). And property owners have always aspired to deck it with the best of materials.

Traditionally various kinds of the woods have been the popular choice. However, with the advent of technology and range of issue – bending, cracking, splinter issues, termite, prone to fire and susceptible to water, limited self-life and so on — associated with the wooden door frames and doors gave rise to Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) based solutions. However, associated issues soon necessitated to the Wood Polymer Composites (WPC), which is actually a good combination of high-quality virgin polymer granules and wood fibres.

WPC Solutions In, Issues Out:

The WPC-based door frames and doors are, practically, free of all the issues associated with the traditional wood-based frames and doors. Besides, it has got very long self-life, which is like install once and forget about any issue or service thereafter.

Realising the great potential and nascent market capitalisation by a very limited number of exponents, PathFrame enters the WPC sector in the later part of 2019 and started serving the niche segment with high-quality WPC hollow frames and pre-hung door solutions. What goes in the favour of the PathFrame is, its commitment to serve the market with highest possible quality by manufacturing products using 100 per cent virgin polymer granules.

Committed to Quality:

However, when it comes to maintaining the quality, PathFrame leaves nothing to chances and made it sure by setting fully-automatic state-of-the-art machines, which boast of Indian and European technologies, supporting whole range of customisations as per the clients’ needs and specifications. Moraeover, the WPC door frames are an intelligent alternative to wood as no trees are cut to produce them and they are environment friendly. Unlike wooden frames, WPC hollow frames are splinter free.

However, now the natural question is, what are the places best suited to install these WPC hollow frames and pre-hung doors?

The ideal places to install WPC-based frame and door solutions can be the variety of places as it being extremely versatile and perfect fit for almost any place. Be it personal or professional spaces.

Places Best Suited for WPC Hollow Frames

The WPC door frames are convenient to fit in various places. And being a manufactured product, it is consistent in design and texture, boasting of additional mechanical and physical properties over natural wood. The WPC-based PathFrame’s hollow frames and pre-hung door solutions are 100 per cent waterproof, termite-proof, V0 fire rated, durable and demonstrating enhanced structural strength due to matrix anatomy.

These features make the WPC frames and doors suitable for both interior and exterior applications and this is why one should select WPC solutions over the traditional ones.

Going by the setup of a personal and professional spaces, kitchen, living/bedrooms, washrooms, office and farmhouse can be the best suited to install the WPC hollow frames. And some of the reasons for the suitability of the WPC solutions at each of these places can be put as explored individually further.


The WPC hollow frames are perhaps the best suited for kitchen (personal or industrial) spaces as they are always deal with fire while cooking. And, therefore, these places always susceptible to fire and wooden frame and door solutions always present a danger of spreading the fire.

However, the WPC hollow frame are certified with V0 fire rating (fire shut off within 10 seconds) which makes it more suitable for kitchen. As the possibility of any kind of the fire spiralling out due to WPC is non-existent. Moreover, use of high-quality polymer and wood fibre make it a pocket friendly and eco-friendly solution. Besides, the matrix anatomy of WPC frame does not only make it tough from inside but also allows it beautiful finish outside having range of textures.

Another danger from wooden splinter is always eminent around any kitchen. It’s a place with high number of people movement and, hence, there is always a change of nudging around the frame and door corners posing a danger from any splinter (high probability in wooden furniture) pocking out injuring people around. However, there is no such issue with WPC hollow frames, as they are completely free of splinter. Moreover, the WPC materials are also odourless. All these make the WPC-based frame and door solutions as the perfect choice for installation in a kitchen.


The carpenters often struggle with their way to cut through one piece of wood while installing the wooden solutions, and also it takes a relatively longer time to finish the installation of wooden frames and doors. Customisation, subsequent installation and fixing around the wall can be high extraneous and laborious in case of wooden solutions. However, the WPC-based solutions make it easy and quick. It can be further coloured in variety of colours.

The installation is like solving a jigsaw puzzle by placing the pieces at the right place without any mental or physical stress, which makes it a carpenter-friendly solution. Not only that, just like wood, the WPC hollow frames and pre-hung doors can it can be cut, screwed, engraved, drilled and sawed through with ease and without any hustle. Another issue often posed is, what about the screwing and unscrewing issues? The reality is this is not even a matter of worry with WPC solutions as far as the instructions are followed carefully while screwing and unscrewing no matter how many times, as long as you have a small amount of time (couple of minutes) between screwing, re-screwing and unscrewing.

These features make them suitable for installing the WPC frames and doors in bedroom and living rooms.


The washroom is one place, in any reality, which has to deal with lots of water-based activities which make it abundantly vulnerable to moisture due to presence of water and water vapours. And the water and moisture in any form present a big threat to the longevity of the wooden solutions. The moisture weakens the overall strength, makes it susceptible to bending and cracking when it gets dry in hot conditions. And the termite issue is like the last nail in the coffin for wooden doors as it, significantly, not only cut short the life but make its beyond repair.

However, WPC-based hollow frames come out triumphant as it is not only moisture-proof, fully water resistant but also immune to rot and mould. All these make it safe and ideal solution to install frame and door solutions in washrooms.


An office space is like a sacrosanct place for any organisation and it present a kind of highly professional and variety of texture, design and colour options with enhanced aesthetics make it an ideal offices’ frame and door solution. Last but not the least, WPC solutions can be installed easily and quickly.


A farmhouse is ideally a home away from a regular home and one goes with family to spend with some peaceful, quality time with family and / or friends. And any farmhouse is situated, primarily, in and around wide-open spaces around it, especially agricultural landscapes. It makes is vulnerable to pests and termite issues. As against the traditional wooden solutions, which are susceptible to pests and termite, WPC hollow frames and pre-hung door solutions from PathFrame is the perfect answer to these issues. As it ensures safety of the property from any kind of damage caused due to pests and termite. Besides, WPC frames look and feel like real wood and do not house any pests. Additionally, one does not need to lose their sleep over possible damages due to fire in the area as hollow frames are V0 fire rated.

Open for interpretation:

By now, it has been made clear how cost-effective and futuristic WPC-based hollow frames can be in a variety of places. The advantageous features like V0 fire rating, moisture resistant, termite-proof and hassle-free longevity make it a perfect and sustainable alternative to wood. WPC door frames are the next great revolution and slowly it’s spreading its wings to areas beyond real estate sector.

If you are looking for some good WPC-based hollow frames and pre-hung door solutions, then PathFrame (one of the original manufacturers from Ahmedabad, Gujarat) can be the company you can look out to. Completed projects can be right showcase of the quality delivered over the last couple of years.

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