Pathframe Introduces Breakthrough FR WPC Door Frames

The breakthrough FR WPC Door Frames can withstand fire upto 90 minutes without releasing any kind of harmful smoke or gas.

Innovation and augmentation through dedicated Research and Development (R&D) have always been a forte of the Gujarat-based Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) pioneer Pathframe. Be it coming up with the WPC Door Frames having V0 Fire Resistance as a default feature in all its product range since its inception merely three years back.

Taking the visionary legacy ahead, the Pathframe, WPC Door Frames pioneer from Gujarat has come up with a much more improved and breakthrough Fire Resistance (FR) WPC Door Frame that can withstand fire for upto 90 minutes. Allowing crucial initial moments for people, in general, and firefighters, in particular, to douse and contain the fire from spreading any further.

What is more astounding is the fact that in case of a fire, the FR WPC Door Frames don’t release any harmful smoke or gas, which is a major cause of concern as it, at times, leads to valuable loss of life.

Pathframe’s R&D was aimed at developing FR products that are cost-effective and reasonably priced as against the expensive FR products available in the market.

FR Door Frames can primarily be used in places like Main Doors, Fire Exits, Kitchens, Ducts, Electrical Rooms and any other place where there is a requirement for a fire-resistant door frame.

Fire Resistance upto 90 Minutes:

All Pathframe’s WPC Door Frames come with the default V0 Fire Rating. However, the new breakthrough FR WPC Door Frames come in three different FR rating categories – 30, 60 and 90 minutes. These distinct categorizations of FR Door Frames have a clear purpose of helping the people and industry to pick the right category of FR Door Frames which is the most ideal as per the use, application and the place it is going to be installed.

What makes this breakthrough FR Door Frames the most ideal for the public or private sector construction sector is the ability to withstand the fire upto 90 minutes in case of fire nearly, that too without releasing any kind of harmful smoke or gas.

As is a well-known fact and also one of the most crucial elements, in the case of fire, is the initial moments when fire gets started. Very soon spreads to nearby things and places, which poses a great challenge to a firefighter as to how quickly contain it. Often it leads to widespread destruction of property, and at times loss of lives as well.

However, with the FR Door Frames in place, with upto 90 minutes of fire resistance, the firefighter will get those extended crucial sufficient minutes to reach the place and douse and contain the fire from spreading to nearby things and places. Thereby, saving not only valuable lives, and properties but also any further destruction.

Some Glaring Facts Around Fire:

On average, India records 25,000 deaths due to fire and related causes, says the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) statistics. This is an alarming number in terms of loss of life due to fire and related causes. The Path Frames FR WPC Door Frames will go a long way in serving the people and properties in public and private residential as well as commercial spaces with a greater sense of safety and security, especially in case of any fire or fire-related incident.


As soon as there is a new product in the market. People ask a lot of questions. And of them all, the ones related to price remain the most reverberated ones. The same goes here, how expensive are the newly developed FR WPC Door Frames?

Going by the market trends as well as keeping affordability in mind, the newly developed breakthrough FR WPC Door Frames are very nominally above the existing price range of V0-rated WPC Door Frames. However, the Pathframe is trying its level best to bring it on par with the regular frames. And very soon the FR WPC Door Frames with pioneer features shall be available for all at a more affordable price.

Pathframe always believed that V0-rated WPC Door Frames are fire but it needs to improve it a notch further so as to align itself with the futuristic vision for WPC products, which better adhere to environmental compliance as well industry requirements. And all these made the Gujarat-based WPC Door Frames Pioneer come up with the FR WPC Door Frames.

For more information on the newly introduced FR WPC Door Frames, please visit the website or contact us and have a comprehensive insight into the product, service and more in detail.

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