Why to Pick WPC Frames & Doors?

A perfect dream home is everyone’’’s desire. It’s a place where one sees all kinds of comfort, warmth, safety and security for oneself and their family members. However, what makes a house a perfect dream home is the way one maintains and upkeeps the same. Traditionally wood was the most preferred choice for door frames, doors and windows, etc., for home (domestic) or office (commercial) spaces.

Of late the environmental concerns on the account of large-scale deforestation for the want of wood led world leaders to think about the alternative. First, it was Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which seemed to replace the versatile wood for various uses and purposes. However, it could never come close to the versatility of natural wood.

However, Wood Polymer Composites (WPCs) — the engineered material composed of wood fiber, virgin and recyclable polymers and binders — come to be the best alternative to traditional wood. In fact, it surpassed traditional wood in terms of quality and various other features wood products have been admired and appreciated for years.

WPC Origin:

But one should fall to the popular notion of WPCs being an all-new age-engineered material. To trace the introduction of WPCs to the world, one will have to travel back almost 70 years in history to a place called Milan in Italy. It was there in 1953, the entrepreneur brothers Dino and Marco Terragni established the company named Commissionaria Vendita Macchine (often referred as Cavema) and introduced plastic processed products in the market. After years of research and development, the Covema in 1960 invented and patented the process to create WPC and gave it the trade name of Plastic-Wood.

Snap to 21st century, the world is faced with many global concerns and issues, with environmental concerns being pivotal in the face of ever-decreasing green covers by the felling of trees for various domestic and commercial use by the wood processing industry. Soon industry realized the felling of the trees to procure wood cannot be reversed, but it can be slowed down and ultimately stopped as the engineered wood (WPCs) can be replaced through more research and development (R&D). The WPCs originally developed exhibited better resistance to moisture, greater coloring and texture variety, and improved mechanical properties and especially hardness, besides various other factors.

WPC composition Principal:

So far, it is not pretty clear that WPC is a green material, which is best suited to the purpose it serves and the global concerns it helps address, which can be recycled as and when it is needed. The WPCs’ engineering process involves combining wood fiber (byproducts of the wooden industry, wood flour, etc.) with virgin polymers or recycled plastics by introducing binders or additives through large-scale extrusion.

The WPCs so produced, exhibit characteristics of workability of wood, diversity and flexibility of plastic. It has proved its worth as it possesses the best advantages of both – wood and plastic. As is evident from the R&D, the plastic shields the wood from deformation, crack, moisture and insect damage and the wood protects the plastic from aging & heat-labile.

Key Features of WPC Frames:

  • Highly Termite Resistant: No anymore termites damaging your precious frames doors
  • Anti-corrosion Characteristics: Allow to keep it colour and texture intact for its life
  • V0 Fire Rated: Fire subsides itself within 10 seconds, in case of fire
  • Easy to Assemble & Fix: Regular tools and acquired skills are good to assemble and fix it
  • Excellent Finishing: Allows full control over customization
  • High Durability & Long Lasting: Exhibits maintenance-free long life
  • Environment Friendly: A certified green solution, that helps in conserving nature
  • No Bending, Cracking & Seepage: Not anymore as were the norm with wooden ones

Advantages of WPC Door Frames:

  • Easy to Clean with Water: Clean door frames as and when you need without any issue
  • Anti-bacterial & Alkali Resistance: Safe from bacterial and chemical exposures
  • Good Surface Flatness, High Strength and Deformation Free: Classic look maintained as long as lasts
  • Cold & Heat Resistant, Anti-aging: Not to bother by changing climatic conditions
  • No Formaldehyde, Ammonia & other Pollutants: No damage causing chemicals used
  • Recyclable & Truly Green product: Can be recycled to a very large extent

Looking at the aspects discussed so far, it is evident that WPCs can not only be the best as well as long-lasting but also the most preferred cost-effective alternative to wood for your door frames and doors.

So, if you are looking for the best wood alternative to install door frames and doors at your home and/or office, explore Pathframe’s range of WPCs solutions. The Pathframe’s WPC hollow door frames and door solutions always deliver the best in design, product and service with zero complaints, so far. So, if you are looking for a WPC-based door frame and door solutions, come give us a visit to the website https://pathframe.com/ and have a comprehensive insight into the product, service and more in detail.

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