WPC Doorframes & Doors Made from “Safe and Sustainable” Resources

Pathframe is consistently working for creating products which focus on safety: “Safety at Priority“. What is safety according to Pathframe?

There is a dual meaning in terms of Safety: protect all the WPC users and while protecting the ecosystem too.

Why Pathframe uses “Safe and Sustainable” resources?

Pathframe aims to create ingenious products in balance with nature. There is an awareness regarding the importance of a congruent ecosystem, if there is an absence of harmony in the ecosystem the resource generation through nature will surely decrease in upcoming years.

The scarcity of resources will surely affect manufacturers in every field of business. It will create inflation which will have high demands and less production. The usage of thermoplastics is surely helping towards saving land damage and water pollution.

According to the IUCN issue, “over 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year.”

“At least 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, and plastic makes up 80% of all marine debris found from surface waters to deep-sea sediments.”

By reading this, we can understand the importance of using recyclable products in manufacturing goods.

The use of rotten wood is quite interesting, who would have thought years back that waste products like wooden flour/fillers and plastics like polyethene, PVC, etc, will be the basic materials in the production of WPC items? It’s an assiduous process of mixing wood particles along with the molten plastic and after moulding they are cooled down. The product which will be produced will be completely a result of wooden leftovers or wooden floors and thermoplastic which might have been of no use if not recycled in the making of wood plastic composite (WPC).

The inculcation of these products isa step forward towards balancing the ecosystem by reusing the products which are of no use and if not reused, would have ended up in the ocean or anywhere polluting the land. So, why not use them?

Now, the question is that what is the benefit of consumers buying such products?

The products made from ‘Safe and Sustainable’ resources are surely a benefit to the consumers too as it will lead to a good environment for their future generation. And after knowing the haphazard caused by dumping plastic waste, don’t you think by using such products we can somehow contribute towards saving nature?

And it’s not like these WPC products like Pathframes’ WPC doors and doorframes are not user-friendly. They have some benefits which are only in these products like easy for installing, lighter and many more such benefits.

The key market insights in the Fortune Business Insight say, “The global green technology and sustainability market size is projected to grow from $16.50 billion in 2023 to $61.92 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 20.8%.”

With this insight, we can see the increasing trend of a sustainable market which shows the awareness around the world about the importance of using sustainable products.

So, Pathframe also provides products not only made from sustainable resources but, the resultant product is also sustainable too and less evasive in causing harm the nature.

Earlier, the discovery of things was a point of attention. The question was to discover the usage of resources and how to make life easier. Simply the discovery was a thing to praise, no one was interested in how it was manufactured, and no attention was given to the damage it will do after excessive production and daily usage because there was less awareness and it was not the age of emergency where people had to worry about how will they dispose of a particular thing.

But now this is the Age of Emergency! The discoveries are not merely praised, How the product is made? For what it is used? How it affects the environment? These kinds of questions are some of the variables on which the success of discovery depends. No matter how much effort one has put into a particular product, its credibility will be affected if it is somehow damaging the environment and exploiting the resources which are already scarce.

That’s why Pathframe is flaunting its manufacturing technique as all the learned and aware ones, who are in the team of conserving nature will prefer products which are made from sustainable resources. This is just the beginning of the reign of WPCs in the market, in the future its growth is predicted to be tremendous.

It’s a door towards nature through WPC Doors, isn’t it?

Safe resources are ones which after their disposal won’t create any kind of harm to you or other precious and scarce natural resources. The disposal of wood has nullifying effect in terms of harming or disrupting the cycle of nature. To worry less about nature in future and enjoy nature itself, Pathframe is using safe resources as the basic material for manufacturing its WPC Doors and Doorframes. It’s also a step towards saving nature so we can enjoy nature’s beauty in future too, like we are right now. And it is only possible by trying to move towards more sustainable products in each purchase of yours.

And why not? If you can satisfy your means by choosing the least harmful products to nature then why choose which is going to nature and your future too? Without an environment which is safe to inhabit, we are nothing, there will be not even a pure atmosphere where one can breathe freely. So, by understanding the importance of why to manufacture products from Safe and Sustainable resources you will also contact us when you would want to install a Door.

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