Time is Irreversible, Efforts are Not…

‘Time is Irreversible, Efforts are Not…
Go Eco-Friendly with CII-GreenPro WPC Door Frames’

The above mentioned quote rightly highlights where the human beings are in the state of their evolution as any evolution is proportional to the time. And as we all know time is a vector aspect in relation to human evolution, meaning it can move only in one direction, that is forward. And in the process, it creates the past while keeping moving towards the future, which we all live only as present.

So whatever one is doing in the present is not only creating the past but also leading a potential future which one aims to live by in their present. So, whatever we do in our present it matters the most as it not only creates the past but allows us to live our future as the present. And accordingly, Pathframe leaves nothing to chances when it comes to serving the people and society with a solution which is not only supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but also make people as well as society a responsible consumer of products and services through its product and services range, which is directly aligned to SDGs as well as conserving and preserving the nature.

Vision: ‘Run out of quality run out of business’

‘For us quality and perfection are not just something we deliver but it is our attitude. We strongly believe that if we run out of quality we run out of business.’

The vision of Pathframe rightly sums up why it started to work in the sector which is not only most suitable for the sustainable development but also trying and helping the environment and ecology to heal and conserve for a better future for humankind.

The Pathframe’s commitment of quality is second to none, as it has been doing it since its inception. And with every passing moment in time, the commitment is getting affirmed with a greater sense of visionary commitment, that is to help resurrect nature to go back to its best by sticking with the concept of recycle, repurpose and refuse. And the Confederation of Indian Industries GreenPro (CII-GreenPro) certification is the testimony of its enhanced commitment.

Commitment: Recycle, Repurpose and Reuse

‘Time is Irreversible, Efforts are Not…
Go Eco-Friendly with CII-GreenPro WPC Door Frames’

Working in the line of its commitment of serving the sector with best of the alternatives to wood, the Pathframe’s Wood Polymer Composites (WPCs) further testifies its level of commitment. The WPC Door Frames and Doors are a completely eco-friendly green solution, which is not only helping in arresting the deforestation but also helping in conserving nature by afforestation and reforestation. The higher use of WPC products conforms with the safeguard to forests and felling of trees.

R&D Led Continuous Improvement:

Pathframe is always about serving the industry and sector with the best of the product and services. And to make sure it never misses on that; it has always depended on extensive research and development (R&D) and thorough testing before putting it out in the open market for diversified use and application.

The in-house quality testing lab as well as R&D facility are something that allow it to maintain the highest level of quality in all its product range as the environmental and eco-friendly standard.

The Pathframe’s CII-GreenPro certified WPC Door Frames and Doors are not only true green products but also are Fire Resistant (FR), which can withstand fire up to 120 minutes. Perhaps the most crucial aspect in case of any fire emergency as it will allow vital 120 minutes to the fire-fighters to douse it before it spreads any further. So, in light of the above-mentioned fact, it can be said that FR rating of up to 120 minutes is nothing short of a miracle for WPCs, which can be most suitable to install at fire sensitive /prone places, like kitchens (domestic or industrial).

Green Technology Product Range:

CII-GreenPro Certification is the testament of the WPC Pioneer’s not to compromise when it comes to developing a range of products which are completely green products.

Have a reality check by yourself. Pathframe offers four categories of FR rated WPC Door Frames and Doors which can be installed as per the specific need and application, especially for FR-rated frames and doors.

The four categories of FR-rates frames and doors are as per their ability as to how long these products can withstand the fire.

Categories as per FR-rating of Frames and Doors that can withstand fire:

  1. Up to 30 minutes
  2. Up to 60 minutes
  3. Up to 90 minutes
  4. Up to 120 minutes

SDG Torchbearer:
Since inception Pathframe was focused on serving the wood-intensive industry and sector with a visionary product range. Something which is not only most conducive to humans — as well as the environment all around the human being, on the planet Earth, the human inhabit – but also is the best alternative to wood. Whose increased want is destabilizing the all life-supporting natural balance.

And when it comes to serving the industry with its products and services, Pathframe, probably, is the first among the SDG torchbearers, through its sheer commitment, conforming to the green environmental norms, which are intrinsic part of the WPC pioneer’s vision and mission.

So, are you looking for a WPC-based door frame and pre-hung door solutions? Do check the Pathframe website for detailed information on its product range and various other crucial information, before answering in affirmative or negative. Check it yourself for some time and interact with people around it. Then see what’s your answer.

And if you wish to have more comprehensive knowledge and information, please feel free to visit us in person or visit our website https://pathframe.com/.

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