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One of the best things about Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) products is that they can be customised 100 per cent to the end users’ liking. Besides, WPCs can be the best one-word definition of the term called Customisation, which is defined as a modification made to something to suit a particular individual need and requirement.

And this is something that makes the WPC product range one of the most sought-after alternatives to traditional wood-intensive manufacturing and interior infrastructure sectors, whether it is for small-scale personal households or large-scale commercial sectors.

What goes in favour of Pathframe, the WPC pioneer from Gujarat, is that it serves the customised complete frame and door solutions on par with the best of industry standards and confirms the best of quality standards as certified by the testing lab authorised by the government.

Pathframe is giving a complete solution to its clients from inception to installation with 100 per cent customised services. Be it visiting the site and taking all the important measurements in consolation with the valued customers, designing and developing the products as per the specification provided, delivering products at the site and finishing a neat and tidy installation.

The specialty of the Pathframe door frames comes from the fact that it is perhaps the only original manufacturer in India, that has employed innovative technologies which make it more agile with better strength and durability having a hollow core. These hollow frames are lighter in weight and also punch a lot more strength over their wood and plastic peers available in the marketplace.

A set of recent market surveys confirm that the demand for WPC-based solutions is growing exponentially — primarily in residential and commercial sectors be it cities, towns or metropolitans – and it is becoming the first choice of architects, builders, and individuals. These solutions are popular for application in interiors/exteriors of both residential and commercial projects in different countries across the globe due to their unique composition that sustains.

In the given scenarios and realizing the need for taking the WPC-based solutions to one and all, Pathframe has created a separate market with its unique WPC hollow frames and pre-hung solutions. It not only caters to the market demand but also helps create awareness through its people connect initiatives through open public platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And these initiatives give a silver lining to the Pathframe as an increasing number of common people as well as real estate and commercial sector czars are making all kinds of queries.

All this allowed Pathframe to come up with highly customized and precise WPC frame and pre-hung door solutions and in the process, it has successfully developed a range of WPC solutions to serve the industry.

It should be noted that the WPC hollow frames come in a variety of sizes — 100 x 45mm (single rebate); 90 x 38mm (single rebate) and 150 x 45mm (double rebate) – and are available in a host of finishes.

Key Customisation Components:

  1. Frames that can be painted as per liking
  2. PVC film wrapping can be done as per the desire
  3. The Polish Finish option is also there
  4. Frames with a side window option which enhances the look and feel of the property
  5. Availability of Texture to pick from available list or suggest one as per one’s taste

And when it comes to pre-hung door solutions then it offers a variety of options in molded panel doors and flush doors (decorative veneered) and both segments offer a wide variety of options to choose from in colour, design and texture, etc.

With an ever-increasing list of satisfied clients, Pathframe is working day in and day out to make sure the growing need and demand for WPC-based products and solutions are readily available. Not only that, it has heavily invested in research and development to make sure the market has innovative products that satisfy environmental and regulatory norms.

For more information on our products and services, please visit our website https://pathframe.com/.

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