Green Wood Plastic Composites: The Way Forward

Since its inception, Pathframe has been a visionary pushing forward to serve the construction and manufacturing sector with products and services most suitable for humankind as well as the ecology and environment.

This led the wood polymer composite (WPC) pioneer to introduce Hollow WPC Door Frames and Pre-Hung Door solutions for society and industry. And with the passage of time, the Ahmedabad-based WPC pioneer invested heavily in Research and Development (R&D) and came out with products not only green and sustainable but also can withstand fire for up to 120 minutes.

All these Pathframe Fire Resistance (FR) WPC products (of varying durations i.e., 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes) are duly certified by the government authenticating body-approved testing lab.

Of late a lot of emphasis has been given to developing products and services that are not only most suitable for the sustainability of the environment but also truly a green solution.

Now the natural question is, what do you mean by a green solution?

The answer lies in the sourcing of the raw materials to processing and finally manufacturing of the products. A product is defined as green when the majority of the raw materials are sourced without harming nature or recycled from waste material (recyclable waste) and further, it does not discharge any harmful waste and chemicals to the environment.

Thereby in the process, it does not further damage the environment, which is already facing various life-threatening challenges. They are in the form of unseasonal rail, massive forest fires, receding glacial caps, increases in greenhouse gases and global warming, to name a few.

Even the global leaders have realized and accordingly, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are ratified by 193 member countries to work in unison to work on 17 identified areas for a better and sustainable future.

The 17 SDGs are:

No Poverty Zero Hunger Good Health & Well-being
Quality Education Gender Equality Clean Water & Sanitation
Affordable & Clean Energy Decent Work & Economic Growth Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
Reduced Inequality Sustainable Cities & Communities Responsible Consumption & Production
Climate Action Life Below Water Life on Land
Peace & Justice Strong Institutions Partnerships to achieve the Goal

And it can be done only if the human activities and practices involve more of these identified SDGs in their daily life.

However, when it comes to the Pathframe WPC Door Frames and Doors — which are truly eco-friendly and green product green solutions – it primarily includes a large amount of naturally occurring plasticizer-free thermoplastic material, besides using recyclable plastic waste.

The botanical name of the biopolymer is Bioplast GS 2189, which is most suitable for WPC products. Potentially it takes out the need and requirement for plastic or polymer (which is non-biodegradable and pollutes land as well water) in WPC production.

The Bioplast has many applications in housing, infrastructure and various other domains that are heavily dependent on wood, which is rapidly replaced by WPC products across the globe.

The Bioplast has various use and applications and is appropriately suitable for:

  • Moulded Articles: Frames, Doors, Furniture, Decking, etc.
  • Thermoformed Products: Dashboard Assemblies, Interior Door Panels, Interior Paneling, Seating Parts, Engine Bay Panelling, Exterior Body Panels, Bumpers, Air Ducts
  • Semi-finished Products: Railings, Fences, Landscaping Timbers, Cladding and Siding, Park Benches, Molding and Trim
  • Blend partner in combination with other Bioplast materials

In light of the above discussion on Bioplast, Pathframe is well aligned with its visionary foundation to serve the industry with a truly green solution. Leaving nothing to chance and adhering to practice and solutions which is not only sustainable but also healing for mother nature.

And accordingly, the WPC pioneer is always strengthening itself with R&D-based practices, products and solutions that are in line with environmental restoration as well as aligned with the United Nations’ vision 2030 – SDGs.

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– By Staff Writer

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