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WPC products has problem free self-life over 25 years

‘Aestheconomic product in a true sense considering all the aspects’ 

The statement, mentioned above, by one of our esteemed clients beautifully, sums up the aesthetical aspects and effectiveness of the cost factors involved. The word ‘Aestheconomic’ rightly outlines how the beauty and aesthetical appeal have been carved out in every PathFrame WPC solution packing pocket-friendly price points.

However, the PathFrame WPC solution – Hollow Frames and Pre-hung Doors – is slightly more expensive than a traditional wood-based solution. However, it definitely does not burn a big hole in a pocket. As every PathFrame WPC solution is a premium quality product and as the saying goes ‘premium products always come at a premium cost’. And a premium price point is always justified for the kind of features and benefits it packs.

While the national and international market is slowly moving to the WPC segment, the premium solutions are not readily available to all and sundry. And despite the companies aggressively making effort to tap the potential market and aware residential and commercial sectors. They are still behind as the people still are susceptible to the various uses and applications WPC solutions can offer.

It should be noted that PathFrame’s WPC solution is a highly customized and precise engineering product and is the best substitute for conventional material minus the demerits associated with it. As the WPC is water & termite proof, V0 fire rating (fire goes out in 10 seconds), free of splinter, bending and cracking. The most striking is the long self-life.

The industry, in general, has put a self-life of 5 years to the WPC products. According to a host of industry experts, the WPC solutions can last up to 25 years without any problems or issues. Besides, they are also confident that these solutions can last more than 25 years of life span. However, that cannot be ascertained yet as the WPC sector is quite recent and making its way. It will be too early to comment on anything in that perspective as of now. As WPC solutions are yet to be tested on various man-made parameters and the impact of exposure to the various environmental factors for some extended period of time.

A host of recent market surveys confirm that the demand for WPC-based solutions is growing exponentially — primarily in residential and commercial sectors across the cities, towns and metropolitans – and it is becoming the first choice of architects, builders, and individuals. These solutions are popular for application in interiors/exteriors of both residential and commercial projects in different countries across the globe due to their unique composition that sustains.

In the given scenarios and realizing the need for taking the WPC-based solutions to one and all, PathFrame, barely being less than 3 years in the segment, created a separate market with its unique WPC hollow frames and pre-hung solutions. It not only caters to the market demand but also helps create awareness through its people connect initiatives through open public platforms like Facebook, Instagram and twitter. And these initiatives give a silver lining to the PathFrame as an increasing number of common people as well as real estate and commercial sector czars are making all kinds of queries.

All this allowed PathFrame to come up with the highly customized and precise WPC frame and pre-hung door solutions and in the process, it has successfully developed a range of WPC solutions to serve the industry.

Wpc Foor

Its WPC hollow frames come with a variety of sizes — 100 x 45mm (single rebate); 90 x 38mm (single rebate) and 150 x 45mm (double rebate) – and are available in a host of finishes like:

  1. Frames that can be painted as per liking
  2. PVC film wrapping can be done as per desire
  3. The Polish Finish option is also there
  4. Frames with a side window option which enhances the look and feel of the property

And when it comes to pre-hung door solutions then it offers a variety of options in moulded panel doors and flush doors (decorative veneered) and both segments offer a wide variety of options to choose from in colour, design and texture, etc.

PathFrame, in a very short span of time since its inception in the later part of the year 2019, have successfully delivered 22+ complete WPC frames and pre-hung door solutions to a range of sectors, which include residential to commercial and healthcare to educations projects from the public and private domains.

Riding on the wave of increasing numbers of satisfied clients, with the clientele list growing further, PathFrame is all working day-in and day-out to make sure the growing need and demand for the WPC-based products and solutions are readily available. Not only that, it has heavily invested in research and development to make sure the market, every now and then, has innovative products, every now and then, that satisfy the environmental and regulatory norms.

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