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Pathframe: A Process Aided Champion of WPC Solution

‘Make and deliver a WPC solution that your clients never call you for the after-sale services’

With little under three years of its inception and after delivering more than 22 satisfied real estates, healthcare and academia clients — comprised of public as well as private sectors – Pathframe not only has served a list of distinguished clientele but also carved a name for itself in the Wood Polymer Composites (WPC) market. The testimonies, scrolling through the Pathframe website, from the satisfied clients accentuates the highest standards of value and quality Pathframe instil in each of the delivered projects when it comes to installing WPC hollow frames and/or complete WPC pre-hung door solutions.

Operating out of its headquarters from the UNESCO World Heritage City of Ahmedabad, Pathframe leaves nothing to chance when it comes to maintaining quality and value in all its delivered projects and installations. And always looking to take the value and quality of the project one notch higher in its subsequent projects. However, achieving the highest level of WPC-based products and services rendition is the result of a good amount of time dedicated to market research & analysis as well as structured investments in procuring associated key science, technology and engineering.

And to deliver the highest standard of project satisfaction every time, the Pathframe has identified a host of essential aspects — Site Survey, Design Analysis, Site Visiting, Measurements, Production, Delivery, Installation and After Sales Service. And when it comes to delivering WPC based hollow frames and pre-hung door solutions then Pathframe accepts nothing but complete compliance to the identified aspects/elements. And whether the project is small, medium or big, Pathframe always starts its project from scratch as a stand-alone project and sees it through to completion with single intent and mission.

As the saying goes ‘well begun is half done’ and ‘all is well if it ends well’. And Pathframe has nothing left to chance when it comes to delivering its projects. And it all begins with ‘Site Survey’ and completes with ‘Installations’. However, it is always up for ‘After Sales Service’. Now, let’s try to understand how Pathframe systematically applies its identified methods to uphold the highest level of value and quality in its projects.

Site Survey:

The life of the WPC-based hollow frame and pre-hung doors installation project begins a proper survey of the identified project’s fine details like the location of the project delivery site, the general weather conditions in the area like average winter and summer temperatures, average humidity, etc. These aspects help Pathframe’s research and development wing to identify and suggest the best possible engineering and design solution for the given project. And this equips the Pathframe to fine-tune its WPC-based hollow frame and pre-hung door solutions as much as possible.

Design Analysis:

After the survey comes the role of technical experts to analyze and recommend the design needed for the identified project/s. And the thorough site survey presents much-needed information that allows Pathframe’s team of design experts to develop and recommend some of the best designs for the given project. Then some of the selected designs are presented to the esteemed clients. And once a design is selected/picked up by the client, then the next step of the value is pressed into action.

Site Visiting:

Visiting the site presents Pathframe’s technical experts to gather some other key information associated with the delivery of the finished WPC hollow frames and pre-hung doors. This allows the project team to identify the best route to transport the products to their final destination. As a matter of fact, WPC solutions may look and feel top-notch, however, it is always susceptible to damages arising out of transportation and/or handling issues. So, the visiting site allows the team to identify routes and also helps them understand what to do so as to make sure transport and handling-related issues are not there.


As the WPC solutions are engineered products and hence its very essential to have precise measurement of the products to be made. As the WPC moulding machine has to be fed not only with the wood fibre and virgin polymer granules but also the precise dimensions of the products, be it door frames, window frames, etc. Unlike wood, fine-tuning the WPC-based frames and door solutions are not possible or not well advised. And Pathframe leaves nothing to chance as its team of experts pay proper attention to detail while taking off the measurements. And to avoid any alteration or undulation in the finished products, measurements are taken more than once to make sure all the accurate dimensions have been accounted for before giving out the final dimension details. However, it takes a bit more time, in general, as a large number of individual measurements are to be taken for each frame. And depending on the size of projects, the times taken for measurement vary and accordingly the man hours needed for the same get multiplied. However, the one aspect which needs to be taken care of the most.


What follows next is the production process of the actual product, which itself is an arduous process. And Pathframe leaves nothing to chance when it comes to securing a state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology-fitted WPC engineering production machine. Despite being barely three years old in the WPC market, Pathframe invested heavily in a high-end product line with a host of moulds and extruders employing the best technologies from India and Europe. And this was done to ensure its core commitment towards value addition in each and every product while not compromising on quality.


The Pathframe has streamlined its entire process of project development and delivery process so meticulously that it has maintained a rare record of completing all its project delivery well ahead of its deadline. And this has helped Pathframe to hold a special position in the WPC market, especially in the western regions of India. This can also be attributed to its proximity to the market with the manufacturing unit, which allows it to deliver projects in time. The company is now slowly and systematically looking to spread into other regions in the country and abroad.


Unlike wooden door frames and doors, the installation of WPC hollow frames is like a cakewalk. It has been observed that a set of two skilled workmen can install at most 3 to 5 pairs of doors in one working day, whereas, the same number of people can install up to 12 to 14 pairs of door frames in one day. And, in effect, saves a lot of time. One question, how come two people can install so many in one day. The answer is, that these frames come out as precise pieces of jigsaw puzzles from the production line and that makes it easier for workmen to install some many in less time.

After Sales Service:

This is one area where Pathframe has nothing much to add on. Despite delivering more than 22 projects successfully, since its inception in 2019, the WPC hollow frames and pre-hung door solution is waiting to receive its maiden ‘After Sale Service’ request. These further eulogies the Pathframe’s motto that ‘make and deliver a WPC solution that your clients never call you for the after-sale services.’

As with every passing year, the global leaders and deteriorating climatic conditions are advocating to look for suitable alternatives away from the woods, the WPC-based frames and door solutions can be the best alternative with it being increasingly environment-friendly. A host of recent research further advocates the uses and applications of WPC-based solutions. And if you are one who is looking for WPC-based frames and door solutions then you must check the various solutions Pathframe offers.

For more information on our products and services, please visit https://Pathframe.com.

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