10 Reasons to Choose Hollow WPC Door Frames for Homes, Offices

We have already discussed many key aspects associated with the Wood Polymer Composites (WPC) in this segment earlier in great detail. Be its Places best suited for WPC frames, the global position of WPC market and what to choose between WPC and PVC, to name a few. Those articles can be found on Pathframe’s blog section or can be reached directly following the story URL provided below.

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There are endless possibilities and options which can be chosen from the battery of Hollow WPC door frames and pre-hung door solutions available at Pathframe, which happens to be one of the leading WPC door frame manufacturers in Gujarat. It has got the distinction of successfully delivering over 30 projects within 3 years of inception.

However, our earlier articles have discussed some of the advantages (not very exclusively) associated with the WPC solutions. Let’s WPC-based talk about the benefits of WPC-based door frames and pre-hung door solutions. As this will help you to figure out why exactly you should be going for the WPC-based solutions, when you have more traditional and proven through ages about the use and applications of wood-based solutions.

There are plenty of reasons, but here we are going to see what are those 10 crucial reasons which give WPC based-solution an edge over traditional wood-based solutions.

Quality: Commitment to the highest standard of quality is what sets the Pathframe hollow WPC door frame solutions ahead of its peers in the regions. And this can be said with certainty as it is the original manufacturer of the hollow WPC door frames in the western regions. Moreover, it has got the government-certified and ISO-listed fully functional product testing laboratory, which helps Pathframe to keep a constant tab on maintaining the quality standard of product at every level of its production. Besides, it utilizes best of indigenous and European technology enabled machines to manufacture the hollow WPC door solutions.

Environment Friendly: The WPC solutions are not only a better alternative to traditional wood-based solutions (leads to deforestation) but also help in arresting deforestation to a great extent. As the WPC uses saw dust created as the waste product of the wood industry. Moreover, the increased use and application of WPC based solutions in homes and offices will go a very long way in preserving the environment, which is constantly facing threat from various human -driven activities. This will reduce the dependency of the wood industry on wood, thereby safeguarding the environment. Moreover, the WPC solutions so developed can easily be recycled, meaning no or minimal waste generation. Use WPC-based solutions and save trees and the environment.

Perfectly Aligned to in Your Requirement: The Pathframe’s hollow WPC door frames come in various shapes and sizes, which make it very easy to fit the frame solution in any place you want to place it. Moreover, it has various choices to opt from be it colour, texture, design and so on. Besides, the available finishes (link Social Media GIF for Available Finishes) options in Paint, PVC Film Wrapping, Polish and Frame with Side Window allow one to pick as per liking.

Unconventionally Long Life: The Pathframe WPC door frames are highly robust and are highly resistant to rot or decay, unlike wood-based solutions. Moreover, Indian climatic conditions make wood prone to issues like termite, water, fire, splintering and bending whereas WPC door frames are not impacted by these issues which makes it suitable for interior as well as exterior door solutions. Besides, the industry gives a shelf life of 5 years to WPC door frames but the fact is it has got over 25 years of life as WPC door frames are not impacted by issues wood-based solutions have to face.

Fire Rated Properties: The Pathframe uses the technology and material whose fire rating is V0 (fire douse within 10 seconds of ignition) and this makes the Pathframe door frame solutions a safe one. As it will never allow the fire to spread, rather it will help in containing the in case of fire.

Durability: As the Pathframe door frames come out as almost a finished product after a robust manufacturing process and stringent quality standard scrutiny, these WPC solutions do not need any kind of painting, staining and oiling to prolong their shelf life. The manufacturing process, mixed with high-end surface treatments, makes these WPC door frames highly unique as well as durable.

Cost Effective: The WPC door frames are more expensive than wooden ones. No if and not but. Then, how is it cost-effective? Its cost-effectiveness lies in the maintenance-free longevity it assures. Moreover, its screw holding capacity and robustness make it perfect as no matter how many times you screw and unscrew it neither loses its robustness nor gets damaged in the process. And, therefore, the installation and uninstallation are damage free. Moreover, a maintenance-free shelf-life of over 25 years is what saves one from the repairs and maintenance of its wooden counterpart, which for a long time proves cost-effective. ‘Install once and forget maintenance for life’.

Plenty of Choices: The Pathframe has plenty to offer in the WPC door frame segment, the fact being it is an original manufacturer in this segment of the WPC market fast catching up the imagination of the individual and industry alike. As the WPC products can be extruded, manufactured or customized as per the production design fed into the machines. And the production designs can be customized 100 per cent, meaning choices are limited only by the production design unlike wooden, which has physical limitations and customization is often highly labour intensive as well as expensive. However, in a WPC-based solution, a well-made production design created by creative designers allows plenty of choices for expression.

Highly Customizable: Unlike wood, WPC door frames offer a great amount of customization. Be it colour, shape, design, texture and so on. And as the WPC door frames are essentially made of wood resin mixed with plastic polymers, the properties, shape, size, design, texture and colour can be manipulated, or better say it can be completely customized. And, therefore, this makes not only a suitable alternative but also one of the most suitable candidates to replace the wood. And, thereby, leading to the arrest of some of the global environmental concerns due to the felling of trees and deforestation. Moreover, Pathframe is moving towards green solutions for its WPC-based door frames and pre-hung door solutions helping individuals and industries to align in safeguarding the environment.

Maintenance Free: With over 30 projects – ranging from private to government sectors, large education institutes to healthcare sectors — successfully delivered and have not received a single service-related complaint in almost 3 years. Moreover, the general feedback from individuals and industry is alike. No complaint et all since the installation. Moreover, over 25 years of maintenance and service-free WPC door frames’ life is like saying ‘install and forget’.

So, if you are looking for a WPC-based door frame and pre-hung door solutions, look out for Pathframe. We not only offer WPC-based solutions with plenty of choices to pick from but making sure that our WPC solutions add quality and value to individuals and industry by using a solution that is environment friendly. For more information on our products and services, please visit our website https://pathframe.com/.

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