• The increasing trend of WPC products in India is due to the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals Index by NITI Aayog in 2018. Initially, a large part of the country was not well acquainted with the idea of sustainability, but, gradually, through special drives and awareness for initiatives taken

  • Making doors out of wood is an old tradition. Then why use plastic in the making of Doors? The Doors are dated back thousands of years. But everyone needs a solid door, be it at home, in the office, or in any other place. Earlier, there was an extensive and

  • Pathframe is consistently working for creating products which focus on safety: “Safety at Priority“. What is safety according to Pathframe? There is a dual meaning in terms of Safety: protect all the WPC users and while protecting the ecosystem too. Why Pathframe uses “Safe and Sustainable” resources? Pathframe aims to

  • There are some factors due to which you should consider installing WPC Door Frames instead of other frames. Frames are used to support doors and increases its longevity. There are many different materials of Door Frames but WPC Door Frames are the new generation frames. So, it also provides the

  • WPC: New Age Material, a product class which is growing tremendously in buildings and construction industries and has witnessed an increased market regardless of the economy of the time. A Surging demand in terms of quality of living standard resulted into the innovation of such Composite products which gives benefit

  • “India’s G20 Presidency will work to promote this universal sense of one-ness. Hence our theme – One Earth, One Family, One Future” – Narendra Modi India may have gotten the year-long G20 presidency on December 1, 2022, and became the 18 th country to take the United Nations’ ambitious Sustainable

  • Since its inception, Pathframe has been a visionary pushing forward to serve the construction and manufacturing sector with products and services most suitable for humankind as well as the ecology and environment. This led the wood polymer composite (WPC) pioneer to introduce Hollow WPC Door Frames and Pre-Hung Door solutions

  • One of the best things about Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) products is that they can be customised 100 per cent to the end users’ liking. Besides, WPCs can be the best one-word definition of the term called Customisation, which is defined as a modification made to something to suit a

  • ‘Time is Irreversible, Efforts are Not… Go Eco-Friendly with CII-GreenPro WPC Door Frames’ The above mentioned quote rightly highlights where the human beings are in the state of their evolution as any evolution is proportional to the time. And as we all know time is a vector aspect in relation

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