Pathframe Framing Future of Framing with WPC Hollow Frames!

The world is moving through the 3rd decade of the 21st century and is commanding fast-paced growth and development in almost all sectors. And in the process, it has inflicted some irreparable loss to the sustainability of the environment and global climatic conditions. Human development is heavily dependent on natural resources and their exploitation to their maximum capacity.

And felling of trees and forests (help replenish the Carbon-dioxide, CO2, with the Oxygen, O2) was one of the major causes of concerns (global warming) for the global leaders. Efforts are on the way to restore the same. But the ever-growing need for wood for various uses and applications from individual to industrial (furniture and luxury items) levels needs to have a proper alternative.

And bingo! The Wood Polymer Composites (WPCs) fit the bill and also comprehensively support the United Nation’s 17-point Sustainable Development Goals (adopted in 2017) by virtue of their use and applications. Moreover, its use and applications combined with 100 per cent customization, make it a perfect solution, replacing wood requirements at the individual and industry levels.

Keeping all this in mind and aiming to serve the ever-growing need of humankind and a better alternative to wood, the Ahmedabad-based WPC hollow frames manufacturing company Pathframe established its operations in 2019. And since then, it has successfully delivered a host of WPC hollow frames and door solutions, to over 30 small, medium to large-scale entities and corporations spread in the western Indian regions.

If you look closely, the company’s WPC solutions confirm at least 7 SDGs — Decent Work & Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities & Communities, Responsible Consumption & Production, Climate Action, Life on Land and Partnership — of the United Nations.

Let’s try and understand what are those crucial aspects which are actually giving the WPC hollow frames an upper hand as, probably, the best alternative to wooden solutions and, thereby, one of the most suitable future solutions for households and industry alike.

Support Sustainable Future: The Pathframe’s WPC hollow frames and doors are actually a holistic solution, which aptly conforms to a sustainable future. It’s not just comprehensively stopping the need for wood but also, in the process, helps in restoring and healing the environment and climate by increasing green cover. Moreover, the government is also supporting the such industry through direct and indirect investment and incentives. So, if trees are not felled for wood, then it will help clean the environment by replenishing bad CO2 with good O2.

Facilitate Green Solutions: The materials used in the WPC hollow frames and doors are primarily recycled and recyclable, which takes care of the plastic waste to a very large extent. And in the process, waste materials are utilised as raw materials for products which have better strength, resistance to water, borer & termite etc. Moreover, its increased fire rating (V0), mixed with over 25 years of longevity without any need for maintenance makes it a truly green solution. Moreover, the government is also promoting and incentivising companies to deliver green solutions. And Pathframe has been doing it since its inception.

Fully Customizable: People often doubted whether the WPC-based solutions be as customizable as the wood. However, when it comes to customization, the WPCs are more customization friendly than the wood. As the wood has its natural shape and size hence customisation is very labour and skill intensive, whereas the WPCs are moulded or extruded through the mould as per the design, fed through computers or intelligent machines. And makes it more suitable for customization. As the outcome is completely based on the design fed into the machine. And, therefore, the WPCs are most suitable for full customization.

Cost Effective: When it comes to cost, the WPC solutions are slightly on the higher side. However, the maintenance-free long life of the WPCs solutions makes it one of the most cost-effective alternatives. As these solutions do not require after-sales service which is a kind of perennial issue with wooden solutions and also, and they are prone to hosts of issues like fire, termite, bending, splintering, deformations and problems due to water, etc. And all these lead to maintenance and thereby escalating the cost, which becomes almost recurring. However, the WPCs are free from all of these for their entire life and provided the long shelf life, it proves cost-effective. And the zero complaints for any issue or maintenance so far from over 30 clients are testimony enough to understand it.

Intelligent Solution: Last but not the least, WPC-based solutions are one of the most intelligent solutions which can be controlled to their core as it’s manufactured products. Its qualities and properties can be determined at the very beginning as per the needs and requirements of the clients, like design, texture, composition, the sawdust to be used and so on. The WPCs are made not only from sawdust but also from rice & wheat husk. The WPC-based solitons are a modern and ecological composite material, which is composed of PVC, wood (dust & husk, etc), calcium carbonate and additives to all things together.

Moreover, the industry is constantly working on improving the quality of WPC-based solutions’ life, and effectiveness, making it more environmentally friendly and at a reduced price point.

In light of the above discussion, Pathframe, despite being a very young WPC solution facilitator, is giving healthy competition to more established traditional companies in the segment. And at the same time, it is innovating in its process, effort and manufacturing with cutting-edge technologies to serve the industry and deliver WPC-based hollow frames and door solutions, which are more future-oriented.

Are you looking for a WPC-based door frame and pre-hung door solutions? Don’t be in a hurry to answer as yet. However, there is a friendly suggestion, give it a try, even if it’s an outside chance. Check it yourself for some time and interact with people around it. Then see what’s your answer.

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