Door Frame

WPC Material Composition Principle

WPC (Wood and Plastic Composite) is a new green material that can be recycled. It is made from a unique combination of wood fiber and new plastic through large-scale extrusion. It has the characters of wood's workability, plastic's diversity and flexibility. It is widely used in many areas.

It offers the best advantages of plastic and wood. The plastic shields the wood from deformation, crack, moisture and insect damage and the wood projects the plastic from aging & heat-labile.

Merit of PathFrame WPC Door

Available Finishes

Section Size Available

Frame Architrave
100 x 45mm (Single rebate) 45 x 18mm (Front) and 30 x 12mm (Rear)
90 x 38mm (Single rebate) 45 x 18mm (Front) and 30 x 12mm (Rear)
150 x 45mm (Double rebate) 45 x 18mm (Front) and 30 x 12mm (Rear)

Test Certificates of WPC Door Frames

Flammanbility UL-94 Match With Vo
Hardness (Shore D) ASTM D 2240 62
Material Density IS 2380 (Part-3) 990kg/m3
Water Absortion IS 2380 (Part-16) 0.26%
Screw Withdrawal IS 2380 (Part-4) 50.78 kg
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